I think I can handle it.
- Get your act together!
- Vodka and Rose's, please!

Hey, come on, man! I got four people waiting for
me! I'm not going back there with three drinks!

I know! It's coming!
Absolut on the rocks,
Gilbey's and tonic, and a Velvet Hammer.

- This isn't what I ordered!
- A Molson and a Cuba Libre!

- What was that?
- A Molson and a Cuba Libre!

What is this,
hire the handicapped" week?

If you're gonna sit in the water,
go to Coney Island!

You want me
to bite the top off this?

Here. This has got recipes.
- Ordering a Cuba Libre!
- Could I please have a glass of water?

- He doesn't know how to make it!
- Where's my Jim Beam on the rocks?

It's coming!
I'm not leaving
until I get my Cuba Libre!

Excuse me.
Could I have an Orgasm?

- This isn't what I ordered!
- A white wine.

You bitch!
Why didn't you just tell me
it was a rum and Coke?

- Could I have what I ordered?
- A Bloody Mary.

- A white wine.
- Pink Squirrel!

- A Friar Tuck!
- A Ding-a-ling!

- A white wine!
- Pink Squirrel!

- Angel Tit!
- A Dirty Mother!

- Can I have what I ordered?
- All right!

All right! Now, what was it
that you ordered?

A martini!
What's in that?
You're supposed to get
ten percent from the waitresses.

I don't deserve it.
Hey, schmuck, do you get
money from girls every day?

Listen, I'm sorry
I called you a bitch.

Why? I am a bitch.
Got yourself a new disciple?
Good night, my beautiful.
Hey, frogman.
Anyone that can get money
out of her is a major talent.

Come back next Thursday.
I've got five shifts open.

- You're offering me a job?
- Uh-huh.

The waitresses hate me.