There are many ways
to fool a customer.

The short pour.
The long pour.
The ice mountain,
the spring thaw.

The speed-rack shuffle,
the hot shot.

You will learn them all.
Yes, Obi-Wan.
Both hands. Ladies, ladies,
come on, come on.

Okay, ready?
One, two, three, let go!

Yeah, what does it mean?
What does it mean? Nothing!
- Nothing?
- Nothing? All right!

- Very sophisticated, man!
- What a good jolt!

You got it going!
Come on, let's go with the drinks.
I'm making money tonight.

Let's make some money
for a change!

- Catch!
- Thank you!

I guess that's what
you learn in college, right?

What buns! See?
Don't forget my beers, Bri!
- Missed me.
- Ha!

See, the name of the game
is woman. "

The little darlings
come in a-panting.

Their little hearts are pitter-patting
for the handsome, all-knowing bartender.

And in their wake,
a parade of slobbering geeks...

with one hand on their crotches
and the other hand on their wallets.

You get the women, you get the bucks.
And boy, oh, boy, you've got them.

Buttons were popping,
skirts were rising.

When you can see
the color of their panties...

then you know
you've got talent.

Stick with me, son.
I'll make you a star.