Well, you wait till
you've given them crabs.

Then you'll really know hatred.
Today I'd like to continue our discussion
of the demand for money by focusing on...

the money multiplier.
You've got to add increases in currency, deposits,
reserves and bank credit along the whole system.

Then what we have is a sum
of an infinite series.

Adding together the increases
in currency and deposits...

we find that they add up
to one plus CU over CU plus RE.

That, simply stated,
is the money multiplier.

Now, moving on.
The essential technique
of bartending:

Less is more.
The less you pour,
the more you score.

The boss does better,
we do better.

And the customer?
Think of the customer as a hurdler
thinks of a hurdle: a means to an end.

We dazzle him with ice work...
we baffle him with bottle work.
There are many ways
to fool a customer.

The short pour.
The long pour.
The ice mountain,
the spring thaw.

The speed-rack shuffle,
the hot shot.

You will learn them all.
Yes, Obi-Wan.
Both hands. Ladies, ladies,
come on, come on.

Okay, ready?
One, two, three, let go!

Yeah, what does it mean?
What does it mean? Nothing!
- Nothing?
- Nothing? All right!

- Very sophisticated, man!
- What a good jolt!

You got it going!
Come on, let's go with the drinks.
I'm making money tonight.

Let's make some money
for a change!