I'd like to try
the Orgasm, please.

How many would you like?
- Uh, multiple.
- Multiple?

Well, then, why don't we start
with a Turquoise Blue?

Well, bless my soul
What's wrong with me

I'm itchin' like a man
in a fuzzy tree

My friends say I'm actin'
wild as a bug

I'm in love
I'm all shook up

Yeah! Yeah! Wow! Baby!
You guys are crazy!
Well, my hands are shakin'
and my knees are weak

I can't even stand
on my own two feet

Who do you think
when you have such luck

I'm in love
I'm all shook up

Oh, my God!
That was fantastic!
That was great!

- You gotta let me take your picture.
- What for?

When you're a big celebrity,
I'll put you in Rolling Stone magazine.

- Is that right?
- My protégé. I discovered him.

That's great. Can you move aside,
though? I can't fit you both in.

- Excuse me.
- You look great.

All messed up
Come back!
My tongue gets tied
when I try to speak

My insides shake
like a leaf on a tree

There's only one cure
for this body of mine

That's to have that girl
right here, right now

When she touched my hand
what a thrill I got

Her lips are like
a volcano that's hot

I'm proud to say
that she's my buttercup