Oh, my God!
That was fantastic!
That was great!

- You gotta let me take your picture.
- What for?

When you're a big celebrity,
I'll put you in Rolling Stone magazine.

- Is that right?
- My protégé. I discovered him.

That's great. Can you move aside,
though? I can't fit you both in.

- Excuse me.
- You look great.

All messed up
Come back!
My tongue gets tied
when I try to speak

My insides shake
like a leaf on a tree

There's only one cure
for this body of mine

That's to have that girl
right here, right now

When she touched my hand
what a thrill I got

Her lips are like
a volcano that's hot

I'm proud to say
that she's my buttercup

I'm in love
I'm all shook up

You with the cold hands!
I gotta go.
- Tuesday night?
- Tuesday? I'm working.

So? I'll sit at the end of the bar
and wait until closing.

Isn't that what
all the bartenders' girlfriends do?

All right.
- Bye.
- Get in there. You're gonna catch pneumonia.

Get out!
Get out of there. Back off!

Get up, damn it.
Get up!

God, look at that clown.
Get up!