that does the book
on the first date?

I did you a favor. Took her off your
hands before she really twisted your mind.

You fucking
son of a bitch.

Coughlin's Law:
Never tell tales about a woman.

She'll hear you
no matter how far away she is.

Come on!
Come on!

- Can't take the truth, eh?
- Bullshit!

It was nothing but
taking a cheap shot at me.

Where I come from,
you don't do that to your friends.

Where you come from, they're still
saluting the flag and making novenas.

And no brawling in here.
- And that goes for the help as well.
- Come on!

I don't work here
any more.

If you want to cut me,
come on!

You'll thank me
for this one day.

The fuck I will.
Hey! Hey!
Bodies in the sand
Tropical drink
melting in your hand

We'll be falling in love
To the rhythm of a steel band
Down in kokomo
Aruba, Jamaica
Ooh, I wanna take ya

To Bermuda, Bahama
Come on, pretty mama
key Largo, Montego
Ooh, I wanna take you
down to kokomo

We'll get there fast
and then we'll take it slow

That's where we wanna go
Way down to kokomo
Buddy. Hey, buddy!
The name is not buddy. "
It's pal. "

The brochure promised me
a drink on the house, pal.

- I'll take one of those orange things.
- Excuse me, uh...