Well, let's go somewhere
we can appreciate this. Come on.

What are you doing out here?
Get in there and spend some money.

Keep me in the manner
that I'm accustomed to.

Very good. How are you? Get in there
and spend some money, you two.

What do you think
of my rowing boat?

- Jesus Christ!
- Come aboard, ye land lubber.

Baccarat crystal.
Louis Treize, voila.
Should we let it breathe?
It hasn't breathed
in 50 years.

It's dead.
Let's just drink it.

Health and friendship?
Life and love.
Douglas Coughlin, your ship...
has certainly come in.
My ship...
My ship is going down,
and I'm going down with it.

- How's that?
- Oh, this is an illusion.

I'm on my ass.
I haven't got a pot to piss in.

A hundred grand a week. Painful.
I should have read some of your
sacred books, young Flanagan.

The only thing I know about saloons is
how to pour whisky and run my mouth off.

I knew nothing
about insurance...

or sales tax
or the building code...