Would you open the door, please?
I'm Detective Sergeant Lloyd Hopkins
with the police department.

You with the Intelligence division?
No. Why?
The police has a long history of trying
to infiltrate causes they deem subversive.

My poetry has been published
in feminist periodicals...

that are highly critical of your department.
Also this...

You can breathe easy. I'm gonna
leave that to Intelligence, all right?

I'm here on a completely different matter.
May I come in please, Miss...
My name is Kathleen McCan'thy,
and I prefer Ms.

Ms. Okay. As long as you
promise not to call me a police person.

- Come in.
- Thank you.

I am here to investigate a murder
of a woman named Julia Lynn Niemeyer.

You wouldn't know her, would you?
I have reason to believe
the killer is interested in poetry.

Possibly in this feminist poetry in particular.
What led me to this is, I found
a bloodstained book at the crime scene.

Rage in the Womb. Do you know the book?
Of course.
I'm sure it was her book.
She had this little feminist poetry section...

on her desk, and there was a space
where the book was missing. I'm sure he...

the killer, went through it.
And that makes you think
he's interested in feminist poetry?

That, and the fact that...
he sent a poem to her post office box
a few days after he killed her.

It was an original poem, and there was
a line in it that convinced me...

that he's killed before and will,
no doubt, kill again.