Hei tai yang 731

lt's almost three years since 1942
A toast to you and your brothers reunion.
Thank you, Sir.
Now, Gentleman,
l've not been here for the last couple of years
but l know all about what has been going on here.
l've looked into the research done by Mr. Kitano
and l think it has been handled wrongly.
What we need most now
is to increase the production & the number
of bacteria.

We must use bacterial weapons in the war
to speed our victory.
A toast to victory!
To the empire!
To victory
And to Mr. lshii for leading 731!
Cheers!, Cheers!
Lt. General sir.
Lt. Onoe Shunji reporting for duty from the
Kwangtung Army CommandersÂ’ office.

Lt. General?
l should have been a full general!
l don't understand
Why those idiots at the Central Planning Office decline
that army doctors can go no higher than Lt. General.

lt's ridiculous!
Lt. Onoe!
l've just made a criticism against the
Central Planning Office

would you inform on me?
Have you no respect for your seniors?