Imagine: John Lennon

at the very basis of our existence
as God-fearing, patriotic citizens...

then we urge you to take
your Beatles records...

pictures and souvenirs
to the pick-up points about to be named.

And on the night of the Beatles'
appearance in Memphis, August 19...

they will be destroyed
in a huge public bonfire...

at a place to be named soon. Stay tuned
to Rocky for further developments.

Now this religious controversy...
I know that you don't want
to say too much about it...

does it worry you it's gonna
boil up when you get to the States?

It worries me, yes, but I hope everything
will be all right in the end, as they say.

I think the Beatles
are a real talented group...

but I think they need to watch
what they say because...

they're in such a position
that a lot of teenagers...

really think of them
as something really big.

When they say things like that...
some teenagers are gonna just believe
anything they say.

I'm not saying that we're better
or greater...

or comparing us with Jesus Christ
as a person...

or God as a thing, or whatever it is.
I just said what I said, and it was wrong,
or was taken wrong. And now it's all this.

Did you mean that the Beatles
are more popular than Christ?

When I was talking about him, it was very
close and intimate with this person...

that I know, who happens to be a reporter.
And I was using expressions on things
that I'd just read, and derived...

about Christianity, only I was saying it
in the simplest form that I know...

which is the natural way I talk.
What's the most enjoyable thing
for you four about this adulation...

this almost godhood on earth
that you've achieved?

Don't say that.
- It was him. He said it.
- You all saw that.

The Ku Klux Klan,
being a religious order...

is going to come out here the night
that they appear at the Coliseum here.

And we're gonna demonstrate with...
different ways, tactics,
to stop this performance.

We are known as a terror organization
and I think we have...

A terror organization?
We have ways and means to stop this,
if this is going to be the case.

What ways and means?
I don't want to say this,
but there will be a lot of surprises...