Imagine: John Lennon

Did you mean that the Beatles
are more popular than Christ?

When I was talking about him, it was very
close and intimate with this person...

that I know, who happens to be a reporter.
And I was using expressions on things
that I'd just read, and derived...

about Christianity, only I was saying it
in the simplest form that I know...

which is the natural way I talk.
What's the most enjoyable thing
for you four about this adulation...

this almost godhood on earth
that you've achieved?

Don't say that.
- It was him. He said it.
- You all saw that.

The Ku Klux Klan,
being a religious order...

is going to come out here the night
that they appear at the Coliseum here.

And we're gonna demonstrate with...
different ways, tactics,
to stop this performance.

We are known as a terror organization
and I think we have...

A terror organization?
We have ways and means to stop this,
if this is going to be the case.

What ways and means?
I don't want to say this,
but there will be a lot of surprises...

Monday night, I believe,
when they get here.

You officers that are stationed...
in front of the stage,
behind the barricade...

you will go to Mr. Morris Shapiro,
the first-aid man...

and he will furnish you with earplugs...
so as to keep you from having a headache.
If he runs out of earplugs,
he has got some cotton.

- Is that understood?
- Yes, sir.

The music wasn't being heard.
It was just...

a sort of freak show.
The Beatles were the show,
and the music had nothing to do with it.

The only reason to be a Beatle
was to make music...

and not just to, sort of, be in a circus.
After the Beatles'last tour...
which was the one
where the Ku Klux Klan were burning...