Imagine: John Lennon

Monday night, I believe,
when they get here.

You officers that are stationed...
in front of the stage,
behind the barricade...

you will go to Mr. Morris Shapiro,
the first-aid man...

and he will furnish you with earplugs...
so as to keep you from having a headache.
If he runs out of earplugs,
he has got some cotton.

- Is that understood?
- Yes, sir.

The music wasn't being heard.
It was just...

a sort of freak show.
The Beatles were the show,
and the music had nothing to do with it.

The only reason to be a Beatle
was to make music...

and not just to, sort of, be in a circus.
After the Beatles'last tour...
which was the one
where the Ku Klux Klan were burning...

Beatle records, and I was held up
as a Satanist or something...

then we decided, no more touring.
That's enough of that.

But I was really too
scared to walk away.

I was thinking, this
is like the end, really.

There's no more touring.
That's when I started considering:

"What the hell do you do all day?"
So I said yes to Dick Lester...
that I would make this movie with him
and went to Altamira, Spain for six weeks.

At a studio in London...
the Beatles have just come together
for the first time in four months...

to record some songs.
The songwriting team, they will keep
going on, whatever happens, will it?

Yeah, we'll probably carry on
writing music forever...

whatever else we're doing,
'cause you just can't stop.

You find yourself doing it
whether you want to or not.

Do you think the tours, like
the American tours and the English one...

It stands in England?
There must be a point
where they don't work anymore...

because they're not to do
with what we're doing...

record-wise or film-wise.
Before we did Sergeant Pepper, we were
given a license to kill, so to speak...