Imagine: John Lennon

Now you have a song and one of the lines,
and correct me if it isn't:

"Christ, it ain't easy. Everywhere I go,
they're gonna crucify me."

Rubbish. I didn't say it. The lyric goes:
"Christ, you know it ain't easy.
You know how hard it can be.

"The way things are going,
they're gonna crucify me." And you, baby.

This isn't my song.
These don't express my...

We are all together in this world.
Let's face it. You and I are married
together in this world.

You see, it's like being stuck in...
That is a very unkind thought
to plant in my mind.

I want to tell you
that this may stay with me...

and I'll wake up screaming.
This is not true.
You say that to him, not to me.

That's your paranoia.
Everybody's married in this world...

No, it's just a matter of taste.
What do you want to know?
In the lyric, you said
they were going to crucify you.

- Yeah. If you take it literally.
- How did you mean it?

- It means everything you want it to mean.
- What did you want it to mean?

They're gonna crucify me
and you and everyone else.

But you said,
"They're going to crucify me."

- Lf you're gonna take it literally...
- Me is you.

Me... And I say that we're all one.
I didn't permit you to speak for me.
Who are you speaking for?

I took that liberty, Mr. Capp.
It's too much of a liberty...
I was speaking on behalf
of the people in general...

- in a poetic sense.
- You're speaking for yourselves...

As a representative of the human race...
I'm speaking for us all
whether you like it or not.

Whatever race you're
the representative of, I ain't part of it.

Maybe yours is the human race
and mine is something less hirsute.

But whatever race, it's your race.
- You belong to a race on your own.
- Everybody in this room...

represents humanity.
Everybody in this room.

No, you don't represent me, though.
You don't write songs for me.

I want to make that clear to all of Canada.
Especially for you.
I'll let Kate Smith sing my songs.
Who do you write your cartoons for?
I write my cartoons for money.
Just as you sing your songs.

Exactly the same reason.
And exactly the same reason
much of this is happening, too...