La Lectrice

"Good evening, good night"
"Bon app├ętit, dear general"
It's the advert.
Not funny, sorry...
I'm not funny. I have to admit it.
Sit down. Sorry...
I'm quite idiotic.
Deficient, if you prefer.
No, I like idiotic. It's nicer.
No, not all.
You're just a little overworked...

Yes, I do a lot of business,
I work a lot.

I have a lot of responsibility.
I travel a lot,
I do everything a lot.

- You read a lot?
- No.

Long journeys,
time-lags, sleepless nights...

You're joking. There's always mail,
business to discuss...

- You talk a lot?
- Yes.

No. Why?
You know, I'm obliged to, Mademoiselle.
- I'm obliged to...
- Madame.

- Madame. Yes, very well...
- Obliged...

Success is no longer just
efficiency, performance.

You also need elegance, class...
One must be able to discuss
cultural developments.

Would you like to drink something?
- Or anything?
- Yes, something.

Something, fine. If you prefer...
No, a whisky.
Where was I?
I thought you might help me
talk about literature.

Some opinions,
some notes on books...

- All right?
- A little more.