Lo foo chut gang

Get up!
Hurry up, get dressed,
my wife's coming back!

You mean you have a wife?
Whatever you say now.
Just get dressed, I'll explain later.
Get dressed? This is my house!
Your house? Then who's that outside?
It's my husband.
Your husband?
How come you didn't tell me?
I did, you just
didn't bother to listen.

I'm deaf when I'm screwing,
you should have reminded me.

Just hurry up,
my husband doesn't like cops.

I don't like other people's husbands.
I'll hide!

Oh no, nowhere to hide.
Oh shit, I woke up my wife.
Exhale, inhale...
Exhale, inhale...
Wake up, now.
Shut up... inhale, exhale.
Now again, inhale, exhale.