Lo foo chut gang

Your husband?
How come you didn't tell me?
I did, you just
didn't bother to listen.

I'm deaf when I'm screwing,
you should have reminded me.

Just hurry up,
my husband doesn't like cops.

I don't like other people's husbands.
I'll hide!

Oh no, nowhere to hide.
Oh shit, I woke up my wife.
Exhale, inhale...
Exhale, inhale...
Wake up, now.
Shut up... inhale, exhale.
Now again, inhale, exhale.
What's the matter, honey?
Who are you? ...and what the hell
are you doing here?

I live here!
Who are you?
I'm her husband.

Then you're not treating her right
What do you mean?

You're fooling around.
You bastard.
Honey, I haven't been fooling around.
You're not well, just relax.
At which joint did you spend the night?
Don't worry, she's only faking it.
I've got a chick on the side.
It's doesn't mean much to me.
Whatever. Let me tell you
what happened.

She waited downstairs for you
so long she fainted.

You should be grateful
that I saved her.

I gave her something and
she's alright now.

Your name, sir?
My name's Dummy.
You look like one,
so where you're from?

Hakka District...
I'm from Hakka too. We're brothers.
That's right we're brother.
You take care ofyour wife,
I'll get going.

Honey, I'm sorry,
I'll never fool around again.

Luckily, we ran into each other
and not some bad guy.

Honey, you fainted again?