Lo foo chut gang

It's your own fault.
All you do is fool around
and avoid responsibility.

You even pissed in your pants
when someone point a gun at you.

The whole station knows,
how am I to look after you?

Why are you yelling?
Now, everybody knows.
What are you guys doing?
I'll have you all doing your beat
in the graveyard!

Don't get so mad.
I've already found.
a partner for you.
Don't get me a coffin type, Uncle Jim.
I don't have money for a burial space.
Send in 20396 now.
Good morning, Sir.
Uncle Jim, you must be kidding!
Yes, Sir.

This is Sergeant Li.
We've met before.
You learn from him.
No thanks,
I've learnt my lesson.
Uncle Jim, can you come over here
for second?

Are you crazy? You want us
to be partners?

You telling me to retire.
I won't stand for this.
You're "New Territories Taxi"
can't go into the city.

He's a good cop, OK.
If anything happens...
He'll get the blame and you the credit.
Still think I'm not looking after you.
Come to think of it,
it doesn't sound too bad.

I'll say hello first, excuse me.
Sorry, didn't know
we're on the same side.

I'm sorry too.
What's your last name?
What's your first name then?

Michael Cho.
Francis Li.
Francis Li.
OK, Francis Li.
Yes, Francis Li.
OK, work well with each other.
Do you know how I
rose through the ranks?
Stabbing people in the back
and kissing ass.

Not so loud,
your father taught me that.

The thing is to get in
on the big cases.