Lo foo chut gang

Don't you dare to accuse me of
drug smuggling? I'd be jailed for that.

Then, tell me how come you got
so much money?

I slept with a guy.
How can you make tens of millions of
dollars by sleeping with a guy?

Didn't you know?
Mine is made by gold.

Made by gold?
Madam, If so... let us check it out.
Not made by gold,
should be plate gold.

She doesn't even worth a hundred.
Must be over-paid.

Don't you dare to move again,
or else I will charge you for
assaulting a police officer.

Assault your ass!
Sergeant, let's take it easy.
Go away!
Stop moving, bitch.
What do you want?
I have got both you and your brother's
information from Immigration Dept.
You both swam to HK
from Mainland China.

You are still a green card holder.
Last time, he was being charged
for drug dealing.

But, we didn't have enough evidence.
This time, we are going to
charge him for assault,

resisting arrest, drug dealing...
Attempted murder.
lfyou were smart, why don't you
tell us where is your brother.

Otherwise, you aren't going to leave
this place tonight.

You milk powder boy,
I'm not scared ofyou.

I don't know anything about my brother.
Are you going to let me go?
If not, I am going to sue you
for rape and sexual assault.

Rape and sexual assault!
Rape! Help!
Shut up...

Rape! Help!
Shut up! What happened?
He sexually attacked me.
Who says it is against the law
to have money?

I am warning you.
This is a Police Station
and behave yourself

So what? What about you guys?
Shut up! Bitch.

Can't go tonight.
Watch her!
Let me go now!
Sit and tell me the truth.

We got something... come here.
This shouldn't be that simple.
It's an open secret!
You're always good at girls.
You're better yet.
Stop it. I am serious
Go ahead.

You need to be tactful here.