Lo foo chut gang

lfyou were smart, why don't you
tell us where is your brother.

Otherwise, you aren't going to leave
this place tonight.

You milk powder boy,
I'm not scared ofyou.

I don't know anything about my brother.
Are you going to let me go?
If not, I am going to sue you
for rape and sexual assault.

Rape and sexual assault!
Rape! Help!
Shut up...

Rape! Help!
Shut up! What happened?
He sexually attacked me.
Who says it is against the law
to have money?

I am warning you.
This is a Police Station
and behave yourself

So what? What about you guys?
Shut up! Bitch.

Can't go tonight.
Watch her!
Let me go now!
Sit and tell me the truth.

We got something... come here.
This shouldn't be that simple.
It's an open secret!
You're always good at girls.
You're better yet.
Stop it. I am serious
Go ahead.

You need to be tactful here.
Plug it in, you'll get everything out.
Kind of law, isn't it?
Are we not giving you
what you deserve?

Look like Elsie Chan's are bigger.
Everything is funded by
the Royal HK Police Force.

Even pays for the room. Is that OK?
Afraid to get AIDS.
Use condoms.
How many do you need?

Two is enough.
Two is already enough.
Spit it, ifyou don't.
I won't let you off.

Officer, let her go
Sarge, really?

Of course, she's innocent.
You're not pulling my leg again,
aren't you?
No, it was just a misunderstanding.
Officer, help her clean the paper.
Yes, sir.
Thanks for your help!
My boss has just told me about you.
After what i heard,
I am really sorry for you.
Can I go now?
Of course.
The officer will show you
where your stuff is.

Just sign it and you may go.