Lo foo chut gang

Plug it in, you'll get everything out.
Kind of law, isn't it?
Are we not giving you
what you deserve?

Look like Elsie Chan's are bigger.
Everything is funded by
the Royal HK Police Force.

Even pays for the room. Is that OK?
Afraid to get AIDS.
Use condoms.
How many do you need?

Two is enough.
Two is already enough.
Spit it, ifyou don't.
I won't let you off.

Officer, let her go
Sarge, really?

Of course, she's innocent.
You're not pulling my leg again,
aren't you?
No, it was just a misunderstanding.
Officer, help her clean the paper.
Yes, sir.
Thanks for your help!
My boss has just told me about you.
After what i heard,
I am really sorry for you.
Can I go now?
Of course.
The officer will show you
where your stuff is.

Just sign it and you may go.
You change your mind?

I want to apologize to you
and take you out.

Take you home too.
Fine! You go yourself.
I will.
Sarge, you ate something wrong.
You're not interested in her, are you?

It's OK by the government. Can I?
Of course.
Take a look Mister.
You're sure it's Ping's sister
whom you have deal with.

Ping got us together yesterday.
Boss, is that woman reliable?
Then you tell him everything.
Yes, Boss.

Mr. Law. I've worked for
the boss for a long time.

Except that you guys didn't know.
Boss has long suspected Ping.
Only you guys trusted him that much.