Lo foo chut gang

Fai, don't go too far.
Leave him alone, let's go.
Don't kill him.
This is the ladies section.
I know.
So many men here and you still
say this the ladies section?

Marydonna... wake up!
Michael Cho...
What's happened?
You've got a fight here.

Sergeant, get those men!
Those men? Who are they?
Those guys want to kill Marydonna.
Why don't you tell me earlier?
I'm busy fighting for my life.
How could I tell you? Get them!

Get what, forget it!
They've gone for dinner.

You need an ambulance.
No, just minor bruises.
Of course not, don't tell anybody
when we get back to the quarters.

Just say a dog scratched you.
I don't want to write a report for you.

Get up, wake up...
Do we need to call an ambulance?
Stupid, ifyou call
an ambulance, she's a fink.

It would be a disaster
if our big boss learnt about this.