Midnight Run

Moscone's Bail Bonds.
No, it's cash only. No checks, no cards.
l'm sorry, ma'am. That's the policy.
l wish l could help you out. Sorry.

Just dropped off Bouchet. ls Eddie in?
So you finally caught someone, Jack.
Jerry, is he in?
l think that's terrific.
l been tryin' to reach you.
What do you got for me?

Been tryin' to reach me? lt's Bouchet.
-Bouchet. Good. $900, right?
-No, it's $1,200.

No, $900.
That's $1,200. Come on.
No. Yeah, you're right.
My stomach's killin' me. l'm goin'
to Chin Loo's. l want to talk to you.

About what?
-l'll talk to you over there.
-Could l have my money first?

Of course.
Do you think l'm gonna stiff you?
You? Never!
He would never try and stiff me.

-Do l detect some sarcasm here?

Where have l inherited this reputation?
l have never done business with anybody,
and Jerry is my witness...

...that l have ever, ever....
Has that phone ever rang
with a complaint about me?

Never. So let's go.
l'll buy you some breakfast.

-l don't eat breakfast.
-Then have an early lunch.

You ever hear of a guy named Mardukas?
-The Duke. l know who he is.
-What do you know?

He's an accountant that embezzled millions
from a Vegas guy and gave it to charity.

Only thing is, that it wasn't a couple
of million. lt was $15 million.