Midnight Run

You don't have to worry.
This is the best money l've ever spent.

-Okay. See you in a few hours.
-All right. l'll see you later. 'Night.

-So what's that all about?
-Jerry Walsh got the Duke!

-Walsh got the Duke?
-He got him! He got the Duke!

No kiddin'? This calls for a celebration.
l'll get some donuts.
How do you think Walsh found him so fast?
Tony, this is Jerry.
-Jerry who?
-Jerry Geisler.

-What are you doing?
-Eating dinner. What do you want?

Look, l hate to bother you
but l thought you'd like to know...

...that Walsh found the Duke in New York.
They're flyin' in tonight.
They should arrive around midnight.

-Don't forget me, babe.
-Yeah, kid.

Thanks. Good night.
Looks like your old friend
found the accountant.

They'll be flying into LA around midnight.
Have them met at the airport.
-You understand?

-Can l take your coat?
-That's fine. Thanks.

-May l take your coat?

First class is nice.
l could make a habit out of this.

-Good evening, gentlemen.
-Good evening to you.

Would either of you like a drink?
Yes, we would like
one of your finest champagnes.

Let's see. Look at this.
Only in America. What a country.