Midnight Run

Thanks. Good night.
Looks like your old friend
found the accountant.

They'll be flying into LA around midnight.
Have them met at the airport.
-You understand?

-Can l take your coat?
-That's fine. Thanks.

-May l take your coat?

First class is nice.
l could make a habit out of this.

-Good evening, gentlemen.
-Good evening to you.

Would either of you like a drink?
Yes, we would like
one of your finest champagnes.

Let's see. Look at this.
Only in America. What a country.
l think l'm gonna have the steak.
How about you?

l'm not hungry.
Why don't you get the lobster,
because then l'll get a little surf and turf'.

l got a problem.
l can't fly. You're not takin' me seriously.
-l'm takin' you very seriously.
-l can't be on this plane.

You think l haven't heard this before?
Who do you think you're traveling with?
A novice?

Know what l'm talkin' about?
That's it. Settle in. lf you want to get up
and mingle with the other passengers...

...be my guest. You ain't goin' nowhere.
There's a couple
of nice-lookin' people here.

Better class of people.
Your class. Probably all embezzlers, too.
''Come fly with me, come fly away''
Why don't you just try and relax?