Midnight Run

l think l'm gonna have the steak.
How about you?

l'm not hungry.
Why don't you get the lobster,
because then l'll get a little surf and turf'.

l got a problem.
l can't fly. You're not takin' me seriously.
-l'm takin' you very seriously.
-l can't be on this plane.

You think l haven't heard this before?
Who do you think you're traveling with?
A novice?

Know what l'm talkin' about?
That's it. Settle in. lf you want to get up
and mingle with the other passengers...

...be my guest. You ain't goin' nowhere.
There's a couple
of nice-lookin' people here.

Better class of people.
Your class. Probably all embezzlers, too.
''Come fly with me, come fly away''
Why don't you just try and relax?
Just calm down.
Just relax and calm down.

-What are you gettin' so excited about?
-lt's not--

No! l can't! l can't.
No! l can't! l can't.
Just relax! What did l tell you?
-Now, don't pull that shit on me--
-No. l'm tellin' you, l can't do it.

-These things go down!
-All right.

lt's too big! lt can't go up!
All right, everyone. Just calm down.
-What's the problem?
-lt's nothing, sir. lt's okay.

Alonzo Mosely, FBl. He's in my custody.
l'm taking him to LA.

-There won't be any more problems.
-l don't want to fly. l can't.

You can't make a prisoner fly
if he doesn't want to. You should know.

l do. l'm sorry. l thought he was bluffing.
l suggest you find some other mode
of transportation.