Midnight Run

-Can l help you guys?
-Special Agent Mosely, FBl.

-Mosely? Are all you guys named Mosely?
-What the hell are you talking about?

-You're here to pick up a prisoner, right?
-How did you know that?

He was afraid to fly,
so he got off the plane.

He left with an Agent Mosely.
Sir, that must mean that Walsh
has your identification.

ls this Moron Number 1?
Put Moron Number 2 on the phone.

Yeah, Jimmy. He's, right here. Hold on.
He's pissed.
You told me this guy
would be on the plane.

That's the information we got.
''That's the information we got.''
l want this guy taken out,
and taken out fast.

You two better start getting more involved
in your work...

...or l'll stab you in the heart with a pencil.
You understand?

You got it.
He ain't mad at me, is he?
Jack, l think this is illegal.
Jack, l don't think you can keep a person
in a bathroom like this.

-lt's very claustrophobic in here--
-Yeah, it is?

When we get to LA, you can tell
the prison psychiatrist about it.

There's no air.
There's no ventilation in here.

l told you l was claustrophobic. Come on.
What do you think l'm gonna do?
Jump off a train moving 90 miles an hour?

Good. Thanks.