Midnight Run

You got it.
He ain't mad at me, is he?
Jack, l think this is illegal.
Jack, l don't think you can keep a person
in a bathroom like this.

-lt's very claustrophobic in here--
-Yeah, it is?

When we get to LA, you can tell
the prison psychiatrist about it.

There's no air.
There's no ventilation in here.

l told you l was claustrophobic. Come on.
What do you think l'm gonna do?
Jump off a train moving 90 miles an hour?

Good. Thanks.
Thanks a lot.
-Sit down.
-Yeah, that's great. Very kind of you.

Nice, much better. Thank you. Good.
What are you doing?
What am l doin'?

Maybe l can help you. l am an accountant.
You know what l was thinkin',
after l turn you in and collect my money...

...l'm gonna open a nice little coffee shop.
How much exactly are you getting for me,
if l may ask?

l don't think that's any of your concern,
but l'll tell you just to tell you.


Does that mean you'd take $100,000
to let me go?

Not by a long shot.
l never took a payoff in my life,
and l won't start with someone like you.

-Why not?
-Because you're a criminal.