Midnight Run

Familiar with the word ''arteriosclerosis''?
lf you want, l'll outline
a complete balanced diet for you.

Mail it to me from C-Block.
Why would you eat that?
Why? 'Cause it tastes good.
-But it's not good for you.
-l'm aware of that.

Why would you do something,
if you know it's not good for you?

Because l don't think about it.
That's living in denial.
-Living in denial?

l'm aware of that.
You're aware of your behavior
yet you continue to do things...

...that aren't good for you.
That sounds sort of foolish.
Don't you think so?

No. Stealing $15 million
from Jimmy Serrano sounds foolish.

l didn't think l'd get caught.
Now, that's livin' in denial.
l'm aware of that.
You're aware of your behavior...
...and yet you continue to do things
that aren't good for you.

Sounds foolish to me. Don't you think?
lt was foolish.
But taking $15 million in mob money
and giving it to charity...

...was good for a lot of people.
You pissed off a Mafioso killer
to be loved by a bunch of fuckin' strangers.

That makes a lot of sense.
Don't you want to be loved?
Lots of people love me.
l got an ex-wife,
and l got a daughter in Chicago.

How do they put up with all your sarcasm?
Beautifully. l haven't seen either of them
in nine years.

Think maybe we should go see them?
No, l don't think maybe we should go
see them. Thanks for the interest, though.

The job must have been tough on them.
-l didn't do this then.
-What did you do?

-l was a cop.
-You were a cop in Chicago?

Then you must know
all about Jimmy Serrano.

Do you have the right
to ask these questions?