Midnight Run

You gotta have him back by Friday,
midnight, or the deal's off.

Don't worry, Eddie. For $25,000,
l'll bring him in on a silver platter.

Bring him any way you want,
but bring him.

Hey, scumbag.
My name's Carmine, fucko.
Carmine, today's your lucky day.
-Why is today my lucky day?
-Shut up!

Yeah, my name is Jack Walsh.
Excuse me. John Wesley Walsh.
Yeah, l think l lost my credit card.
Can you tell me the last place l used it?
Yeah, 731-483-9521-13.
The Amtrak office, Grand Central Station?
Yeah. l remember that now.
Okay. Thanks very much.
Maybe we ought to cancel that card?
Yeah. Thank you.
Familiar with the word ''arteriosclerosis''?
lf you want, l'll outline
a complete balanced diet for you.

Mail it to me from C-Block.
Why would you eat that?
Why? 'Cause it tastes good.
-But it's not good for you.
-l'm aware of that.

Why would you do something,
if you know it's not good for you?

Because l don't think about it.
That's living in denial.
-Living in denial?

l'm aware of that.
You're aware of your behavior
yet you continue to do things...

...that aren't good for you.
That sounds sort of foolish.
Don't you think so?

No. Stealing $15 million
from Jimmy Serrano sounds foolish.

l didn't think l'd get caught.
Now, that's livin' in denial.
l'm aware of that.