Midnight Run

-Marvin Dorfler?
-Yeah, Dorfler.

Under ''D'' in the Rolodex for ''jerk,'' Jerry.
Can l at least have some french fries?
l said no, pecker breath. Now shut up.
Marvin? Sweetheart, am l glad l got you!
-Boy, do l have ajob for you!
-Yeah? l'm listening.

l gotta apologize,
because we were trying to find you...

...and it's an important job,
but l couldn't find you.

l had to give it to Walsh, but now...
...he's fucking it up--
Why do you keep hiring that guy?
l know. l apologize. You are the best
at what you do. You know that?

Do you know who Mardukas is?
-Jonathan Mardukas, the Duke?

-l never heard of him.
-That's not important.

What's important is that you find him
and bring him back.

Last l heard, he had him in New York,
and now l don't know where they are.

lfyou find him,
l'll give you what l'm givin' Walsh.

What's that?
You gotta have him back by Friday,
midnight, or the deal's off.

Don't worry, Eddie. For $25,000,
l'll bring him in on a silver platter.

Bring him any way you want,
but bring him.

Hey, scumbag.
My name's Carmine, fucko.
Carmine, today's your lucky day.
-Why is today my lucky day?
-Shut up!

Yeah, my name is Jack Walsh.
Excuse me. John Wesley Walsh.
Yeah, l think l lost my credit card.
Can you tell me the last place l used it?
Yeah, 731-483-9521-13.
The Amtrak office, Grand Central Station?
Yeah. l remember that now.
Okay. Thanks very much.
Maybe we ought to cancel that card?
Yeah. Thank you.