Midnight Run

One word and you're dead, asshole.
-How did you find out where l am?
-l ain't tellin' you shit!

You'll force me to do something
l don't want to!

-What's going on?
-Everything's under control.

Take it easy. Alonzo Mosely, FBl.
Radio ahead. l want the police
at the next stop to place him under arrest.

-What are you talkin' about?
-That's enough!

Get on the horn and call the cops.
ls this good news or bad news?
Mardukas and Walsh
are on the Amtrak headed to Los Angeles.

Another bounty hunter was arrested
after he tried to take Mardukas away.

l want the jet ready in 20 minutes.
-Where's Jack Walsh?
-He got off with the other guy...

...two or three stops ago.
His real name's Mosely.
l'm Mosely!
l want to make a collect call
to Eddie Moscone from Jack Walsh.

-Moscone's Bail Bonds.
-Jerry, it's Jack. Put Eddie on.

-Jesus, Jack! Where have you been?
-Jack, l want to talk to him.

Where are you?
l want to ask you something.
How come Dorfler wound up on my ass?
Did you put him on this?

Dorfler? How could l put Dorfler on you?