Midnight Run

-Where's Jack Walsh?
-He got off with the other guy...

...two or three stops ago.
His real name's Mosely.
l'm Mosely!
l want to make a collect call
to Eddie Moscone from Jack Walsh.

-Moscone's Bail Bonds.
-Jerry, it's Jack. Put Eddie on.

-Jesus, Jack! Where have you been?
-Jack, l want to talk to him.

Where are you?
l want to ask you something.
How come Dorfler wound up on my ass?
Did you put him on this?

Dorfler? How could l put Dorfler on you?
-l don't know where you are.
-You had nothin' to do with it?

Where are you? You got the Duke?
-You're damn right l got him.
-Where are you?

Where am l? l'm somewhere
between Toledo and Cleveland.

-We're gettin' on a bus.

Bus? What, are you out of your mind?
Shut up for a minute.
We're gettin' on a bus.

ljust wanted to let you know
we're on our way.

Don't hang up!
Shit! What the hell is this guy doin'?
l don't know.
Maybe l ought to get some donuts?
Two one-way tickets
to Los Angeles, please.

Still gonna make our schedule?
Don't worry. l'll get you there on time.
Don't have any illusions.