Midnight Run

l'm sorry, sir. This card's been cancelled.
Has it been cancelled?
That's a mistake.
Would you please try it again?

-l checked it twice, sir.
-Please try it again.

-Did you pay the bill?
-Shut up.

l'm sorry, sir. lt's been cancelled.
That's impossible. l pay my bills.
lt could not be cancelled.

-lt's been cancelled.
-Shut up!

lt's cancelled, sir.
-Would you like to try another card?
-l don't have another card.

-Or cash.
-Would you just try that again?

-All right.

Alonzo.... Jack Walsh.
Federal Bureau of lnvestigation.
This is an official business.
This man is in my custody.

l'm taking him to Los Angeles.
So please try this once more.

Jack Walsh is not the name
on that badge, sir.

Would you like me to call the FBl?
Or would you like to pay cash?
-How much is it?
-$264 for two tickets.

Here's $100.
-Got any money on you?
-A lot.

You call that a lot of money?
lt's enough to get you
where l'm gonna get you.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
Got the whole fuckin' force after me.
Who the fuck are you?
Special Agent Mosely, FBl.
Goddamn it! l didn't do anything.
Relax. Just want to ask you
a few questions.

Yeah. Fucking A. Help yourself.