Midnight Run

l'll get up and l'll bury this telephone
in your head.

l can't believe this.
l haven't seen them in nine years
and the first thing l say will be:

''Can l borrow a few hundred bucks?''
l have a feeling
this will be very good for you.

You look fine.
Who are you guys?
l'm your mother's ex-husband.
-Nice kid.

Hi, Gail.
-How're you doin'?

l'm doin' good.
They mentioned you
on the news this morning.

-They did?

What did they say? Anything good?
No. Are you all right?
You're in a lot of trouble.
Can l come in for a few minutes, Gail?
Can l come in for a few minutes?
l won't stay long. l just need to borrow
some money to get to LA.