Midnight Run

-Nice kid.

Hi, Gail.
-How're you doin'?

l'm doin' good.
They mentioned you
on the news this morning.

-They did?

What did they say? Anything good?
No. Are you all right?
You're in a lot of trouble.
Can l come in for a few minutes, Gail?
Can l come in for a few minutes?
l won't stay long. l just need to borrow
some money to get to LA.

You know l'm good for it.
l don't think l have that kind of cash
in the house.

l'm so embarrassed. l'm just in a jam, Gail.
You look beautiful.
You don't look much like a criminal.
l'm a white-collar criminal.
Jason, go upstairs now.
You shouldn't be here.
lf Ted comes home,
he's gonna arrest you and him.

-Arrest us?

Then we'd be in trouble,
'cause l'm a little short of bribe money.

All right, Jack, don't start. Please, don't.
How is Lieutenant whatever-his-name-is?
-lt's captain now.
-Captain? Royalty.

l don't want any trouble.
Do you understand that?

lt is not a good day for this. l mean it.
l'm sorry my fugitive timetable
doesn't coincide with your social calendar.

-She wasn't saying that.
-Stay out of this.

Your feelings get hurt
and then you hurt everybody else.

-l don't need one of your lectures!
-l'm not lecturing you! l'm protecting you!

-Come on!
-Ted will be home any minute.