Midnight Run

Yeah, that's right. Down here!
Are you just gonna stand there...
...or are you gonna get me out of here?
This just came in.
ls this gonna upset me?
l think it's safe to say that.
Are you familiar with a dish,
a potato dish, lyonnaise potato?

lt's a kind of fried potato.
But it's got an onion in it.
lt's quite delicious.

lt really goes beautifully
with steak, chops...

...hamburger, cheeseburger,
any of your meat dishes.

lt's just a....
You know, l have enough money to buy...
-...as much lyonnaise potatoes...

-...as you ever would enjoy.
-Shut up, will you, please?

l think you ought to think about it a bit,
because it's nothing....

Wait a minute.
Thank you.
Cover that.
Hi. Could you give us a ride
to the next town?

-Sure. Jump in the back.
-Thanks a lot.

Great. See? For every shit,
there's six nice people.

-''Yahey,'' everyone.
-What's that?

lt's ''Hello.'' l can say ''Hello''
in a lot of different languages.

Not yours, but a lot of them.
Welcome, sir.
-l'm not lookin' forward to this.
-Do you think l am?

l don't understand the problem
with you two. He's an accountant.

lt's been bad luck. This guy Walsh is good.
lf he's that good,
l should hire him to hit you.

l hope there's no chance of this
coming back to Jimmy.

No chance.
Rented the chopper out of Kansas City.

He's five times removed from you.
You're clear of this.

Clear as shit, you moron!
The guy is still out there, ain't he?