Midnight Run

Get over here! Stop!
Fear of flyin', my ass!
Get out of that plane!

You're a goddamn pilot, you son of a bitch?
l didn't feel it was appropriate
to share that with you, Jack.

l'm gonna appropriate your head.
How do you turn this thing off?

Turn it off!
Hang in there! l'm gonna let it down easy!
Pilot? You're a goddamn pilot?
You're a pilot? Here, l'll show you pilot.
l'll tell you about the coffee shop
l'm opening after l drop you off...

...and get my $100,000. You'll love it.
All right, get back!
Everybody, back!
-Give me the keys to the truck.
-You can't steal their truck.

You were about to steal a plane!
-What are you talking about?
-l'm trying to save my life!

l should give them something.
Give me your watch.

My watch? Shit!
Keep it. lt's worth a lot of money.
Get in.
Stand back!
Get in.
Jack, let's be fair about this.
You lied to me first.
-At the river.
-What? Get the fuck--

-At the river!
-You lied to me first.

-You got some fuckin' nerve!
-No. You lied to me first.

You lied to me first.
Yes, l lied to you first but you had
no knowledge l was lying about my fear...