Midnight Run

ls there someone that can give us
a ride to Channing?

-ls there anyone going in that direction?
-No, don't have a ride.

Excuse me a minute.
ls there a bathroom in there l could use?

Yeah, go ahead.
ls there a telephone here?
-No telephone.

No telephone? Nothing.
Glad you're all havin' a good time.
Fear of flying, you son of a bitch?
Get over here!
Get back here, you son of a bitch!

Get over here! Stop!
Fear of flyin', my ass!
Get out of that plane!

You're a goddamn pilot, you son of a bitch?
l didn't feel it was appropriate
to share that with you, Jack.

l'm gonna appropriate your head.
How do you turn this thing off?

Turn it off!
Hang in there! l'm gonna let it down easy!
Pilot? You're a goddamn pilot?