Midnight Run

Let me tell you guys somethin'.
l'm not interested in seein'
you two alive again...

...until you get the accountant,
got the message?

lt's the end of the ride.
-This is it?
-This is it.

ls there a real town
around here someplace?


How far is that from here?
-Thirty miles.
-Thirty miles. Jesus Christ.

What the hell kind of town is this?
ls there someone that can give us
a ride to Channing?

-ls there anyone going in that direction?
-No, don't have a ride.

Excuse me a minute.
ls there a bathroom in there l could use?

Yeah, go ahead.
ls there a telephone here?
-No telephone.

No telephone? Nothing.
Glad you're all havin' a good time.
Fear of flying, you son of a bitch?
Get over here!
Get back here, you son of a bitch!