Midnight Run

You see any suspicious-looking characters
around here?

-Do you live around here?

-How does it look?
-This one's bad.

Describe exactly what the last man...
...who passed a $20 bill to you looked like?
-Thirty. Tall.
-About 6 feet tall?

-6' 5''.
-Dark brown hair?

Light colored.
-Sounds like our man.
-That's him.

We're gonna take these bills for evidence.
Make them a receipt.

This one's bad, too.
Please notify the other establishments
in the area.

What's the name of yours?
-Red's Corner Bar.
-Are you Red?

Do you dye your hair?
Why do they call you ''Red''?
lt's short for ''Red Wood.''
My last name's ''Wood.''

-What's your first name?

Thank you for your cooperation.
These are all bad. Those are good.
-Come on. We're gonna get this train.

We're gonna catch this train.
l can't catch a train.
You also couldn't fly. Start running.
Wait a minute. Wait! lt's a freight train!
l can't do this!
l deeply feel l can't do this.
l thought you liked to travel by train.
Get up there!

-What are you doing?
-Promise to let me go?

-Open the fuckin' door!
-See you in the next life, Jack.