Midnight Run

Thank you for your cooperation.
These are all bad. Those are good.
-Come on. We're gonna get this train.

We're gonna catch this train.
l can't catch a train.
You also couldn't fly. Start running.
Wait a minute. Wait! lt's a freight train!
l can't do this!
l deeply feel l can't do this.
l thought you liked to travel by train.
Get up there!

-What are you doing?
-Promise to let me go?

-Open the fuckin' door!
-See you in the next life, Jack.

Son of a bitch!
You son of a bitch! Open that fuckin' door!
Glad to see me?
l guess we're in the next life.
-Don't overreact now.
-Don't overreact?

l won't overreact! Get over here!
React? You do this again,
l'll throw you off the fuckin' train!

Get down there! Put your hand in there!
-Easy, Jack.

You son of a bitch!
You shut up! l'm not talking to you
for the whole rest of this trip!

Are you gonna let me go, or what?
l don't know anything.

ls that a fact?