Midnight Run

Jack? What?
How much further you think we have
to go? None of your fuckin' business!

l'm gonna have to go to the bathroom.
Shut the fuck up!
Did you ever have sex with an animal?
Remember those chickens
around the lndian reservation?

There's some good-lookin' chickens there.
You know, between us.

There were a couple there
l might have taken a shot at.

What's with you and that watch?
You said when you got to know me better.
You told me about your feelings
for chickens.

How private could the watch be?
What's the big secret?

Gail bought me this watch.
She gave it to me.

lt was the first thing she ever gave me.
She bought it because l was always late
by at least a half an hour.

So she bought it and set it ahead
a half an hour so l'd never be late.

ln the back of my mind
l keep thinking we'll wind up together.

l don't know why l'm still hanging on.
l'm still waitin' around.

l don't think she's comin' back.
Yeah, l don't either.
l don't either.
Sometimes you just have to let go.
Just get yourself a new watch.
You're okay, Jack.