Midnight Run

She bought it because l was always late
by at least a half an hour.

So she bought it and set it ahead
a half an hour so l'd never be late.

ln the back of my mind
l keep thinking we'll wind up together.

l don't know why l'm still hanging on.
l'm still waitin' around.

l don't think she's comin' back.
Yeah, l don't either.
l don't either.
Sometimes you just have to let go.
Just get yourself a new watch.
You're okay, Jack.
l think...
...under different circumstances...
...you and l...
...probably still would've hated each other.
We probably could've been friends.
ln the next life.
Yeah, the next life.
Yeah, great.
Accommodations were wonderful.
-You got a smoke?
-Don't smoke.

That fed took my cigarettes.
You want your cigarettes back?
Then you'll have to go to Flagstaff...
...'cause that's where
your pal Mosely went.

Just might do that.
Where do you figure we are?
My guess would be Arizona.
We've been goin' west all night.