Midnight Run

l think we're almost home.
l'm almost dead.
The Witness Protection Program
isn't so bad.

You'll get a new name.
You'll have a new life.

l won't make it
to any witness protection program.

-You don't know that.
-l know it. You know it.

Serrano will get to me before l get
to a Witness Protection Program.

Do me a favor.
Don't pretend you care about me.
lt really insults my intelligence.

Let's face it. The only important thing
about me to you...

...is gettin' your money.
l'm really tired of you makin' me out
to be a thug...

...whose only concern
is a big chunk of change.

You know Serrano's people
offered me $1,000,000 for you?

Why not go for the big money?
You're working for him anyway.

l'm workin' for him anyway?
You don't know what you're saying.

The reason l do this shit in the first place
is 'cause l wouldn't work for that asshole.

-What does that mean?

Doesn't mean anything.
Serrano is the heroin dealer
you told me about in Chicago?

Who owned your buddies
and destroyed your life? That's Serrano?

That's the guy that you're takin' me in....
That's the guy that's gonna kill me?
Hope it's a wonderful coffee shop, Jack.
-Come on. We're gettin' off.

We are getting off here, Mr. Railroad Man.
Come on.

-You should be good at this.
-What are you talkin' about?

Let's discuss this!