Midnight Run

Doesn't mean anything.
Serrano is the heroin dealer
you told me about in Chicago?

Who owned your buddies
and destroyed your life? That's Serrano?

That's the guy that you're takin' me in....
That's the guy that's gonna kill me?
Hope it's a wonderful coffee shop, Jack.
-Come on. We're gettin' off.

We are getting off here, Mr. Railroad Man.
Come on.

-You should be good at this.
-What are you talkin' about?

Let's discuss this!
-Find anything?
-Not yet.

They could've jumped off the train
anywhere along the line.

Trains have regularly scheduled stops.
The reason is people plan to get off
the trains when they stop.

That's how, generally, people do it.
They don't throw each other off the trains.

That's the purpose of having stops.
What's this?
What are you gonna do?
What are you doin' now?

What are you doin'?
Christ! Come on!
Are you kidding? They're gonna come out
and shoot us, for Christ's sake.

What the hell?