Midnight Run

Give this guy his calls.
Can l have a little privacy, please?
Moscone's Bail Bonds.
lt's Jack Walsh. Put Eddie on.
lt's Jack.
Yeah. This better be good news,
because you got five hours left.

No, it's not. l'm callin' to let you know
that you're dead. You understand me?

Wait a minute.
You put Marvin on this case,
you piece of shit.

You're fucking deceptive. You vermin!
You serpent!

-Are you fuckin' done yet?
-You slime ball in a sea of pus! What?

You blew it, all right?
You had the guy four fuckin' days, Jack.
Four days!

You could've fuckin' walked him backwards
and not fuckin' blown it, but you blew it.

When have l ever let you down,
you fuckin' rat?

Are you fuckin' nuts,
tellin' Dorfler l offered you $100,000...

...when l told him l'd give him $25,000?
-When did you speak to him?

When did you speak to him?
He called me 10 minutes ago...
...yellin' and screamin',
tellin' me to fuck off.

You're tellin' me,
everybody's tellin' me to fuck off.

Am l supposed tojust sit
on my fuckin' butt?

What are you talkin' about?
Look, you got five hours left.
Can you bring the Duke in, yes or no?

l thought he's bringin' him to you.
l just talked to fuckin' Dorfler.
He don't have the Duke.

-Where's the fuckin' Duke?

-l'll talk to you later.