Midnight Run

Are you fuckin' nuts,
tellin' Dorfler l offered you $100,000...

...when l told him l'd give him $25,000?
-When did you speak to him?

When did you speak to him?
He called me 10 minutes ago...
...yellin' and screamin',
tellin' me to fuck off.

You're tellin' me,
everybody's tellin' me to fuck off.

Am l supposed tojust sit
on my fuckin' butt?

What are you talkin' about?
Look, you got five hours left.
Can you bring the Duke in, yes or no?

l thought he's bringin' him to you.
l just talked to fuckin' Dorfler.
He don't have the Duke.

-Where's the fuckin' Duke?

-l'll talk to you later.

-Yeah, Tony Darvo there, please?

-Who's calling?
-Marvin Dorfler.

Marvin Dorfler on the line.
Shall l put him through?

Yeah. Put him through.
Everything's still on schedule?
So Dorfler's workin' for you guys.
-Who is this?
-This is Jack Walsh.

Jack, what are you complainin' for?
We came to you first, didn't we?

lt's Jack Walsh.
Hold on. Somebody wants to say hello.

Too late for you, scumbag.
Too late for you. l didn't come this far
not to get my money.

You understand me, you motherfuckers?
l want the Duke back.

What are you tellin' me for?
What am l tellin' you for?
l'll tell you what l'm tellin' you for.
l got some of the Duke's belongings.
That's why.

lncluding some computer disks
that have every detail...