Midnight Run

Did you actually think you could steal
my money and get away with it?

l stopped by here to tell you two things:
Number one is: You're gonna die tonight.
Number two: l'm gonna go home,
have a nice hot meal...

...l'm gonna find your wife,
and l'm gonna kill her, too.

Wait here for my call.
The rest of you go in.

You got it.
Here he comes.
Long time no see.
Long time no see.
You're still spendin'
all your money on clothes.

-You know....
-Listen, while you're in town...

...ifyou want to see a show
or you want a free meal or something...

...just let me know, all right? On me.
That's the kind of guy l am.
You're a real sport.
Just give him the disks.
How's your mother?
She's all right.
Daughter's gettin' big, growing up.
l was thinkin' if we would've done business
way back when...

...you wouldn't look like a guy
with a cup in your hand.

l'm tryin' to make a living.
You got those disks or did you lose them
like you lost your job?

Give him the disks, Walsh.
l see you, but l don't see the Duke.
-We'll worry about him in a minute.
-We gotta worry about him now.