Midnight Run

Long time no see.
Long time no see.
You're still spendin'
all your money on clothes.

-You know....
-Listen, while you're in town...

...ifyou want to see a show
or you want a free meal or something...

...just let me know, all right? On me.
That's the kind of guy l am.
You're a real sport.
Just give him the disks.
How's your mother?
She's all right.
Daughter's gettin' big, growing up.
l was thinkin' if we would've done business
way back when...

...you wouldn't look like a guy
with a cup in your hand.

l'm tryin' to make a living.
You got those disks or did you lose them
like you lost your job?

Give him the disks, Walsh.
l see you, but l don't see the Duke.
-We'll worry about him in a minute.
-We gotta worry about him now.

Let me tell you somethin', Jimmy.
This isn't a reunion.

lf l don't see the Duke
in about five seconds, l'm walking.

You know, you're still way too serious.
Really. Listen.
Why don't you just hand them over?

We'll go get the guy together.
l'll see you at the arraignment.
Where the hell is he goin'?
You win, all right?
-l what?
-You won.

You want me to yell it all over the airport?
Where is he?
-He's on his way.
-You know l said no goons.

Never mind him.
You're gonna get what you want.

This thing is gonna give me a heart attack
before it's all over.

Since we have this moment together
there's something l want to ask you.