Miracle Mile

Are you eating something?
Yeah. I'll have that gyro
and eggs and some coffee.

I had the nastiest dream
about her the other night.

- Oh, yeah? What's she do?
- Almost everything.

I meant for a living, Harlan.
I don't know. She's some kind
of stockbroker broad.

Shh. Here she comes.
- Morning.
- Good morning, Fred.

Here's your coffee.
She's got old Fred wrapped
around her finger, don't she?

Shut up, will you, Harlan?

You've reached
the Peters household.

Please leave a message
at the sound of the beep.

Julie, it's Harry.
Are you there?

I'm really sorry about this...

but it's not
what you might think.

My alarm didn't go off.
It's the truth.

The power went out in the hotel,
and I just slept right through.

So, well, it's 4:00
here at Johnie's, and...

listen, if you want
to come on down...

and we'll go out for
a little champagne breakfast...

or something,
it would be great.

Otherwise, I guess
I'll call you tomorrow...

and, listen, I'm really,
really sorry about this.

Good night.